Why Oceanlo9ic?


I decided to start a web development company for different reasons, but mainly because I was frustrated with my own site of 17 years, Robotnik.com. Our company could never justify the money we were consistently spending on the site. After coming to this realization, I took a year off from Robotnik and learned everything I could about online marketing, SEO and internet marketing. To test my theories and what I had learned I created a website, dragonmedical.ca. Shortly after launch it became very successful prompting me to start a few more. After building a number of successful e-commerce sites, I decided it was time to give back and share what I have learned as well as learn from you guys and the community as a whole. I hope you will join me on this journey.

What is Oceanlo9ic?

Oceanlo9ic is a community focused site designed to help like-minded individuals who would like to have a stronger web presence without the hassle of dealing with a company or "guru" who claims to know everything you should do. Through personal experience I have encountered many web designers and SEO professionals who charge an arm and a leg for services but they have never once built something of value themselves, they're only source of income is people like yourself paying them. 

I dream of one day seeing everyone who wants to build a business online doing it themselves. The only time you should be hiring someone to handle aspects of your online business such as SEO is when you truly do not have the time anymore due to increased workload in other areas. SEO may seem daunting at first, but I promise you that with a little bit of hard work and time learning it, you'll start to see noticeable improvements in a few months. 

Some of the issues I see everyday:

  • Business owners (myself included until I did it myself) complain about how difficult updating the site is. Whenever we had to make a minor change on the website, it involved calling the designer and waiting for the changes to happen. This is why I promote Squarespace.
  • It is believed SEO is a quick fix and not many have the patience to wait it out. When we started, we could not understand why we were not ranking higher than our competition which led us to continue spending money without knowing the results. After finishing my year of learning about it all, I came back with a new approach which has led to huge success.
  • Everyone knows internet marketing is huge, but very few people know how to effectively use it. We routinely see businesses putting out content for the sake of putting out content not knowing why they are. Internet marketing is about sharing content relevant to your customers/followers. In fact by analyzing your website, you can start to learn about your market more and more.
  • With a growing mobile market, we designers need to split their attention between desktop and mobile search results, however I still see efforts focused solely on one or the other. Google will actually rank sites differently for mobile and for desktop search depending on how the site is optimized.


One of the biggest issues I want to tackle is the misinformation out there. Prior to doing all of the web work myself, I had actually paid for consulting services from a number of different companies and was astounded to hear how different their advice was! The thing that shocked me the most is that it did not matter how much I was willing to pay, the answers were still inconsistent! I want to have this community so that people like yourself can make sense of all the information out there and discuss it in a community sense, not a paid business relationship to ensure the answers you get are accurate. 

Web Design

When I set out to learn all of this for myself, I started with web design. I wanted a site that was fast and responsive and that I could use on any device. I wanted a site that looked good but was simple enough to operate by non-tech people. I wanted a site that was functional, looked professional and made money for my company. All of these criteria led me to squarespace. It allowed me to make simple, yet effective sites that can be updated by anyone in the company, and more importantly, used by all users out there. Everyone of the templates are very user friendly and are tailored for every possible use from e-commerce, to blogging, to an information site, and much more! Many of the videos and lessons on web design with revolve around squarespace. 


I knew I had to take some time to understand why I didn't understand SEO, not just what SEO was. What I found was that SEO isn't something you learn in a day, the rules change often, and no knows 100% what the search engines are doing. But by making small changes at a time, following known rules and being patient, a site would start to rank. The best advice to get ahead is to continually work on SEO and have good tools that measure results. For my SEO, I use Moz and Ahrefs to track my sites, and will be teaching you how to make the most out of them.

Social Media

Social Media is not as hard as people think, you just need to understand why you are posting what you are posting. There are programs and Apps that make life easier and with a little practice it's easy to relate to your customers. The key is connecting with the right platforms, and being honest and sincere. The worst thing to do is to post randomly and sporadically, develop a plan, monitor your popular and unpopular content and use that to shape your Social Media plan. 


Through all of this, I realized that I did not just crave a one and done web solution, but an ongoing relationship. I needed a company that would help me along the way and not leave me hanging and confused. The result was doing it all myself. With my new found knowledge and passion to help others, I knew I had to start Oceanlo9ic, a community centered around helping others who were in the same situation as myself.

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