There are so many people online offering marketing advice, that it is hard to know who to listen to. Our marketing knowledge comes directly from building successful companies of our own. We listen & learn, and are constantly testing the most up to date innovations. Let us work togeather and help your business grow.

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OceanLo9ic is a community focused site designed to help like-minded individuals who would like to have a stronger web presence without the hassle of dealing with a company or "guru" who claims to know everything you should do. Many web designers and SEO professionals who charge an arm and a leg for services but they have never once built something of value themselves, they're only source of income is people like yourself paying them.

We want to see everyone who wants to build a business online doing it themselves. The only time you should be hiring someone to handle aspects of your online business such as SEO is when you truly do not have the time anymore due to increased workload in other areas. SEO may seem daunting at first, but I promise you that with a little bit of hard work and time learning it, you'll start to see noticeable improvements in a few months. 

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